Redefining how you code & send emails Meet Inker: A front-end CSS & HTML email framework & delivery api that will change how you think about one-to-one emails in your company

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A complete workflow for email Inker takes you from coding to sending, keeping it centralized
so that your team stops losing time over emails and can focus on more important things


Inker keeps your email code clean and gives you the tools to test faster

  • Free templates for transactional emails (forgot password, receipts, account creation).
  • Sane CSS responsive components based off Zurb Ink.
  • Sane HTML components structure with Mozilla Nunjucks.
  • Localization support.
  • Generates clean templates with inlined CSS.
  • Auto deployment to Litmus.
  • Auto deployment to any email address for testing.
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NodeJS Delivery Service

You have a library to send to SendGrid? Great, but what happens when SendGrid is down?

  • Failover. Never stop sending again.
  • Asyncronous for a warp speed response.
  • Generate emails with custom data on the fly.
  • Integrates with all major email delivery providers.
  • Logs! HipChat, Slack, Logentries, Winston, push notifications with Pushbullet - they are all included but easily add your own too.
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Clean components.
Hide the ugly.

Built with reusability in mind, it is very easy to build clean components that will be reusable in any email template.

Responsive Emails

Inker uses Zurb Ink to provide you with a superior responsive CSS framework: you get all the goodies + a Sass component oriented structure.

// Cross compatible button for email services
{% macro button(label='default', link='#', class='', align='left') %}
 <table class="button {{class}}" align="{{align}}">
      <a href="{{link}}">{{label}}</a>
{% endmacro %}

// Import component in template
{% from "components/component.button.html" import button %}

// Usage
button('Google', '', 'button-green', 'left');
// en_US.yml
btn_accept : Accept
// fr_CA.yml
btn_accept : Accepter

// Usage
{{ btn_accept | trans }}

Every language you need.

Localize with YAML files & get your templates auto-generated in all the languages you need.

Tools setup to make you & your team more productive.

Testing emails has always been awkward but with Inker you stop losing time as your tools are ready for all the testing you want.

Send to Litmus or to your own email address with a simple Grunt command. Inker can also live reload your changes at every keystroke.

// Send a specific template to Litmus
grunt litmus:dist/output/sidebar_hero/index.html

// Send a template to any email address
grunt email --fileSrc=dist/output/example.html

// Watch changes & reload your templates in your browser
grunt watch

A delivery server to rule them all.

Using a library to send to SendGrid? That's great, but what happens when SendGrid is down?

Inker's nodejs server will redirect the request to your preferred failover provider so that you never lose an email again.

"POST /email"
// Post data
 "data" : {
  "collection": "data_example",
  "template": "index", // template filename
  "locale": "en_US", // optional, default to en_US
  "variables" : {  // data added to template
   "name": "Cedric",
   "loop": ["1","2","3"]      
 "options" : {
  "from": "",
  "to": "",
  "subject": "hello",
  "text": "hello world!"
 // optional, default to 'service' set in config.js
 "service" : {
  "name": "MailGun"

A REST api that handles data like a boss.

Stop using poor proprietary template languages. Get all the power of a real template engine at your fingertips.

It is also asynchronous so it responds at warp speed meaning less waiting time for your customers.

Log it & Inker will warn you when your main service is down.

Slack, HipChat, Logentries, Winston, push notification with Pushbullet; Inker logs the errors & warns you.

Don't get caught by surprise when your devs push bugs in production or when your email providers go dark on you (fortunately your failover will takeover).

Base templates you will love. Need a transactional template for: forgot password, a welcome email or even a receipt?
Inker has them already, best practices included.

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Still want more information before trying it out? Have a look at the slides or read the blog post.

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